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Support to Martínez de Hoz´s policies

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May 28, 1980
Martinez de Hoz´s economic policy achievements are praised
Newspaper: Ambito Financiero
June 2, 1978
Praise from Pekin
Buenos Aires Herald
June 3, 1977
Rockefeller: Argentine recovery "miraculous"
Buenos Aires Herald
May 6, 1980
Martínez de Hoz praised
Buenos Aires Herald
April 7, 1976
Stick around Dr. Joe
Buenos Aires Herald
April 18, 1978
The farming sector has a very favorable opinion of Martinez de Hoz´s economic policy
Newspaper: Clarín
June 12, 1976
Kissinger announced that his government will support the new financial policies adopted by Martínez de Hoz
Newspaper: Clarín
June 25, 1980
Martínez de Hoz promoted privatization
Newspaper: Clarín
June 3, 1976
The President of France stated that his government is willing to support the Argentine process
Newspaper: Clarín
September 9, 1980
England backs Martínez de Hoz
Newspaper: Convicción
September 26, 1978
U.S. publications praise Martínez de Hoz policies
Newspaper: Convicción
December 15, 1979
The Argentine economic plan is one of the best in the world
Newspaper: Crónica
May 30, 1980
Martínez de Hoz: "More relations with France "
Newspaper: Crónica
June 3, 1980
Solid economic basis. Bonn: Martínez de Hoz was praised by his German colleague
Newspaper: Crónica
May 5, 1976
The global bank industry trusts the economic plan
Newspaper: Cronista comercial
May 6, 1980
The economic program is praised in the U.S.
Newspaper: Cronista comercial
April 13, 1976
A favorable echo in the business sector
Newspaper: Cronista comercial
May 9, 1980
Martínez de Hoz - Pat on the back in the U.S.
El Economista
October 20, 1978
In Europe people say that Martínez de Hoz is one of the best in the world ...Is (soccer coach) Menotti coaching him?
Worl Cup cartoon
April 19, 1979
The Argentine economy in the spotlight
Journal: Revista Gente
April 19, 1979
I fully agree with Martínez de Hoz for many reasons...
Journal: Revista Gente
September 28, 1976
The Argentine construction chamber backs the economic policies under way
Published in: Hoy en la noticia
March 24, 1996
Martínez de Hoz was very successful in employment rate terms: the 1979 and 1980 unemployment rate was of approx. 2%
Newspaper: La Nación
March 1st., 1978
In praise of the economic program and change of position in Washington
Newspaper: La Opinión
June 1st.,1977
Blumenthal praised the success of the economic plan implemented in Argentina
Newspaper: La Opinión
November 15, 1980
The Argentine scenario in the eyes of Reagan
Newspaper: La Opinión
March 19, 1979
The former US Secretary of the Treasury backs the economic plan
Newspaper: La Opinión
August 9, 1980
I back his honesty and his noble spirit...
Newspaper. La Razón
July 26, 1976
Argentina will receive the necessary assistance from Europe and the United States
Newspaper: La Razón
October 1978
The world´s best finance ministers
Institutional Inversor
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Economic Policy

Economic Liberalization
The spirit underlying all of the reforms implemented during José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz’s term in office was the liberalization of...
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Economic Stability
When José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz took office as Minister of Economy, inflation –which had existed in Argentina for many decades and...
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Economic Results
The economic liberalization measures adopted by Minister José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz produced -within longer or shorter periods...
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Controversial Issues

External Debt
The alleged de-industrialization
The Scheduled Crawling Peg (La Tablita)
Sweet Money (Plata Dulce)
Grain Embargo
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