Economic Policy
Controversial Issues
Judicial Persecutions
Terrorist Attacks
International Relations
  Support to Martínez de Hoz´s policies
  Analysis of Martínez de Hoz´s term in office
  Filing with the Inter-American commission on Human Rights
His Death - Farewell

International Relations

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January 2000
Valérie Giscard d´Estaing- President of France
Las Vegas
Jackie Kennedy
June 1976
William Simon - US Secretary of the Treasury during the Gerald Ford Administration
July 1976
Raymond Barre - Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of France
June 1980
Journal: Revista Gente
Tour around Europe
June 1976
Arthur Burns - Chairman of the US Federal Reserve
April 1978
Meeting at Vancouver. With Antonio Ortiz Mena – President of the Inter-American Development Bank and former Minister of Finance of Mexico
October 1978
Michael J. Blumenthal - U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under President Carter
Argentine Embassy in Washington
July 1973
Dennis Healy - Chancellor of the Exchequer of Great Britain.
Interview with Deng Xiaoping- China
June 1976
Robert Mc.Namara- President of the World Bank.
May 1980
Businessmen Meeting Innauguration
June 1976
Henry A Kissinger - U.S. Secretary of the Treasury under Presidents Nixon and Ford
July 1976
Egon Bahr - Ministry of Economy, Cooperation and Development of Germany
Dicember 1979
Karlos Heinz Rischbieter – Minister of Economy of Brazil
Press Conference
July 1980
Otto Graff Von Lambmsdorff - Ministry of Economy of the Federal Republic of Germany.
Buenos Aires
July 1976
Hans Friedrichs - Ministry of Economy of Germany
Buenos Aires
July 1976
Jean Pierre Fourcade - Ministry of Economy and Finance of France
July 1980
Rudolf Kierschlaeger – President of Austria
George H. W. Bush – U.S. President
United States
July 1980
Franz Joseph Strauss - President of Baviera
May 1980
His Majesty the King of Spain JUAN CARLOS I
David Rockefeller - Chairman of Chase Manhattan Bank.
Edward Heath - Prime Minister of the U.K.


Economic Policy

Economic Liberalization
The spirit underlying all of the reforms implemented during José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz’s term in office was the liberalization of...
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Economic Stability
When José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz took office as Minister of Economy, inflation –which had existed in Argentina for many decades and...
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Economic Results
The economic liberalization measures adopted by Minister José Alfredo Martínez de Hoz produced -within longer or shorter periods...
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Controversial Issues

External Debt
The alleged de-industrialization
The Scheduled Crawling Peg (La Tablita)
Sweet Money (Plata Dulce)
Grain Embargo
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